Letter: Reader ‘pleased’ that Nebel is running for reelection

To the Editor-

I am writing to express how pleased I am that Cindy Nebel is running for reelection to her position as councilwoman representing District 3 in Stevens Point.

I have known Cindy through the years in many different roles: the wife of my friend and cohort; my helpful and supportive neighbor; and the co-founder and leader of the first neighborhood association in Stevens Point, Old Main Neighborhood Association.

In each of these roles, I have observed that Cindy is conscientious and hard-working, open-minded, and willing to listen and investigate all sides of an issue. She and her husband Armin have been property owners in the city since their student days. They were the young couple that hired students for babysitters and later they became the parents of teenagers who babysat for others. Cindy is well-aware of the pros and the cons of living in a university community, and she is dedicated to making it a positive experience for all.

In an interview prior to the 2017 election, Cindy voiced her concern for our inadequate and substandard facilities of the Stevens Point Police Department. With the move of our law officers to Michigan Ave., that has been addressed. She also urged support of converting the Emerson School property to a city park. That has been accomplished.

These are but two examples of the kind of leadership Cindy has consistently displayed. I urge her constituents in District 3 to vote for her to continue work for all of us on the council.

Santha Bickford
Stevens Point

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