Letter: Molepske alone is qualified for judge

To the Editor-

In reviewing the candidates for Portage County Circuit Branch 2 Judge contest, there is only one candidate that stands out as being qualified to serve in that capacity. That candidate is Louis Molepske, Jr.

We have known Louis very well for over 20 years. Throughout this time, he has been a very strong and effective public servant. And we emphasize, public servant. He has worked tirelessly and successfully to serve the public in every position he has held. He is also a dedicated family man working hard to provide his children and ours, a community in which we can all raise our families, operate our businesses, go to school and go about our daily lives knowing our communities are safe.

Recently, the League of Women Voters of Stevens Point hosted a candidates’ forum (March 17, 2022). If you were unable to attend the forum in person, please view the video posted online by the League of Women Voters. The forum provided insight into both candidates’ views and backgrounds and clearly reflect the impressive contributions Louis has made not only to Portage County, but the State of Wisconsin, versus those of his opponent. It also showcased Louis’ in-depth knowledge of the law and the ability to effectively manage the public offices entrusted to him.

Louis is a man of integrity. He consistently handles complex issues with a thorough understanding of the facts resulting in fair and impartial outcomes. As Portage County’s current District Attorney, Louis’ work ethic, experience, and clear understanding of the law, help provide for the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of our county. You can be assured that he will continue to provide these same qualities as our next Circuit Branch 2 Judge.

On April 5, join us in electing a proven leader and cast your vote for Louis Molepske.

Dale and Debra Vechinski
Portage County Town of Grant