Letter: McComb committed to community success

To the Editor-

Voters in Stevens Point’s District 9 have an important primary election on February 19. Mary McComb has served people of the district—and the entire city—with dedication and passion.

We believe she deserves your vote. Before first running for this office in back in 2015, Mary had served as a volunteer for the Downtown Business Council and helped fundraise for the city’s off-leash dog park. We admire how Mary took time to familiarize herself with community and city issues by rolling up her sleeves and helping to get things done.

As our city council representative since 2015, we have found Mary to be responsive to people’s concerns but always committed to the vision of a welcome, diverse, vibrant, and sustainable community. She has proven on numerous occasions to be more than willing to invest the time and energy required to learn about an issue from multiple angles before coming to a conclusion.

Mary is a terrific alder and we look forward to her continuing to serve in this role.

Eric and Erin Olson
Stevens Point

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