Letter: ‘Leftist’ School Board should be recalled

Editor’s note: The district’s diversity education was implemented in 2016.

To the Editor-

I’ve read the syllabuses and articles given to students in two classes at SPASH: Intro to Diversity and Social Problems. These classes push the neo-Marxist ideology of oppressor versus oppressed, demonizing Christians and whites as oppressors who have promoted white privilege.

The articles for the Social Problems class come from the left-leaning magazine, Upfront. One of the articles is about a transgender child who laments, “So many young trans people face exclusion at school and in athletics, and it contributes to the horrible pain and discrimination that my community faces.” 

Why not also hear from a girl who has been training in cross country for years, yet loses her chance for a scholarship to a genetic boy, or the girl who finds that she has been undressing in a locker room with a trans person?

I’ve spoken with several parents in recent months whose kids have been turned away from their conservative values and Christian faith from the indoctrination in the Stevens Point School District. Parents deserve better than this. We the taxpayers should have a say in what our tax dollars are paying for in our district. However, I’ve asked (Superintendent) Craig Gerlach and (Board President) Meg Erler to put the classes on the school board agenda and they refuse.

Since our leftist school board has approved these classes in the first place, and because they refuse to let the community speak about them at their meetings, we need to recall them all.

Katie Wojta

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