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Letter: Know the candidates before you vote

To the Editor-

The Democrat Party firmly believes the phrase, “a house divided against itself, cannot stand.”

These words appear in writings and speeches in the bible, in newspapers, by famous people, as military strategies, and are simply good common sense. The Democrats present a united front always.

The Republican Party is unable to grasp the obvious. Unfortunately, their fear of failure and their lack of faith force them to choose the lesser of two evils in candidates rather than standing up for the truth. The Republicans present a fractured front always.

Voters need to know the candidates, as few zebras lose their stripes. How have our leaders led? Do we need two lanes rather than four on Division Street?

For over 12 years we the people have shouted no. Are we up for another roundabout rather than installing speed signs? Should more white men ages 45-65 be fired? Do we need more representation by UWSP? Is it a good idea to re-elect historically weak, corrupt, people-pleasing, low I.Q. liars to form the future of our city?

Votes define our future. Know the candidates.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point