Letter: Jennings ‘energetic’ and ‘ambitious’

To the Editor-

Energetic and ambitious is how I would describe my 1st District Alderperson, Tori Jennings.

She always has a good, positive attitude and not afraid to take on tough jobs. When she wanted to purchase the “Cycles without Age” for our community, she was told they were too expensive and she probably couldn’t do it.

Well, Tori isn’t afraid to tackle anything worthwhile. Now our city owns four of them and I got to take a ride on one. My first ride was overwhelming. To be able to ride on the cycle and enjoy the Wisconsin River and not worry about driving,  parking, or disturbing anyone else was wonderful. It is a great thing for our city and seniors.

Tori has had listening sessions for our district to see how we feel and help us understand what is happening in our community. She stops by to see how I am doing and asks if everything is okay. She tries to make our city a beautiful place to live and enjoy life.

I will be voting for Tori Jennings in April and hope members of District 1 will join me.

Rachael Sackmann
Stevens Point