Letter: Jennings ‘deserves’ re-election in April

To the Editor-

Tori Jennings deserves reelection as District 1 Alderperson on April 2.

Tori keeps District 1 residents informed via a hand delivered newsletter, taking the time to go door-to-door to talk to and listen to folks in her district. I appreciate the face to face communion and discussing my views and ideas when Tori stops by.

Most recently, Tori delivered news of planned future street reconstruction that will directly impact my family. Having a heads up gives me ample time to prepare for significant inconveniences during construction.

Tori is not afraid to speak truth to power. While not everyone agrees with every position she takes, she deserves credit for taking a stand, acting on the courage of her convictions and presenting reasonable arguments based on thorough research.

Tori cares about the most vulnerable among us. Going above and beyond her obligation to District 1, she used her considerable networking abilities prior to the November 6 referendum to get the word out. Supporters of the health care center referendum were fortunate to have Tori standing shoulder to shoulder during that effort, helping to secure the win for the benefit of countless city and county residents.

The socialization and recreation of seniors is a passion Tori has championed through the Cycling Without Age program. She was instrumental in securing significantly limited time trishaw manufacturer price discounts getting us bang for our buck.

On April 2, mark your ballot for Tori Jennings; a candidate who’s made her mark in District 1.

Nancy Roppe
Stevens Point

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