Letter: Holman is conservationist, future-focused

To the Editor-

During the time we have known Chris Holman, we have watched him blossom into a thought leader who isn’t scared to put himself on the line.

He has expressed his opinions and written extensively on his experiences in direct market agriculture, while asking for additional perspectives from other farmers (of all types and size). His willingness to collaborate created an opportunity for three young, beginning farmers to move to Portage County from Appleton and start their farm on unused acreage on Chris and Maria’s family farm.

Because he opens himself, and his farm, up to the local food community, he has garnered national attention for his journey into agriculture and won the opportunity to influence policy at the national level.

His stances on water, energy, agriculture, and land resources are both conservationist and future-focused. He has most clearly exhibited his perspectives through policy development conversations in the Wisconsin Farmers Union; via local chapter meetings, as a state delegate and board member, and at legislative fly-ins to speak with members of congress and senate in [Washington] D.C., as well as serving as an adviser to the National Farmers Union board.

Taking action on these crucial issues is vital for the future of our broader community.

The reason we support Chris for Portage County Executive is that we believe he has a unique way of listening and reacting to different stances, it’s not all or nothing for him; he sees the nuance in situations. That’s not a campaign stance, that’s who he is as a person. And we’ve known him to be a driven progressive with ideas and solutions at the forefront of his mind.

We respect that Chris does his homework and reflects on all perspectives, but doesn’t struggle to come to a conclusion or take action. These are all important attributes for a government leader.

The reality in local politics is that we must find ways to bring all sides around the table while possibly making some concessions to move the needle forward on specific dilemmas. We need solutions and we need them fairly quickly, otherwise, we are not going to get to the bigger picture; which is to make certain that central Wisconsin continues thriving well into the future.

Chris can do this by not only recognizing the areas in the County that need work, but also working alongside and leveraging the amazing assets and relationships that exist in Portage County; showcasing to everyone why this is the best county in Wisconsin to live in.

We believe Chris sees these things and he’s ready to push for community and county board cohesion that will lead us towards an even brighter future.

Join us in voting Holman on Tuesday, February 20, 2018.

Layne Cozzolino and Josh Stolzenburg
Amherst Junction

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