Letter: Holman best choice to address county challenges

To the Editor-

I am voting for Chris Holman for Portage County Executive. I hope you’ll vote for him too.

Portage County is an amazing place with great people doing good work, but we are also facing significant challenges. These challenges including a strained budget, the future of the health care center, tense relationships among municipalities, loss of family farms, growing water quality and quantity issues, and many others. None of these are simple issues. In fact, they are what we might call “wicked problems” with no clear single cause and no simple solution.

The reason I support Chris Holman for Portage County Executive is because I think he’s the best candidate to deal with these issues. He’s smart, he knows how to listen and get input, he understands that collaboration and finding common ground are necessary for effective decisions, and he enjoys and is good at problem solving. His leadership skills will help move the county forward to a better future.

I’ve known Chris for several years as a friend, colleague, and fellow concerned citizen. I completely trust him to do what is good and right for those of us living in Portage County and for our natural resources.

Join me in voting for Chris in the primary election on February 20, and remember you can vote early!

Jeremy Solin
Stevens Point

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