Letter: Gebert will ensure continuity for county government

To the Editor-

On April 3, the electorate of Portage County will be making a decision which will have far-reaching effects for all of us.

We must understand the ramifications of that decision to understand why Jami Gebert is the
candidate who can, and will, assume the responsibilities of county executive beginning on day one.

With an annual budget over $100 million, Portage County has nearly 600 employees in 24 separate departments. The executive is responsible for recruiting, hiring (with county board confirmation), and day-to-day supervision of the directors for 16 of these departments.

Jami has worked with every department head and is intimately familiar with their missions and priorities. Since seven of the 25 members of the county board have chosen to not run for re-election, including the long-term chairman, and with several contested races, potentially over 50 percent of the county board could be “freshmen” next month.

Jami has participated in many meetings and discussions regarding the health care center, city/county building renovations, and construction of a new government facility building (aka the justice center). She is well versed in what has (or has not) been accomplished during the past eight years and her knowledge is invaluable to the county board (particularly the new members).

Comparing the two candidates, Jami Gebert is the one with the education, proven performance, and experience in local government. Her opponent may have been in the military, but I can assure you that I, having retired after 30 years of active duty in the army, am not nor have I ever been qualified for the position of county executive.

Please join me and your neighbors in electing Jami Gebert.

Bob Woehr
Stevens Point