Letter: Evers ‘out of his mind’ to extend Safer at Home order

To the Editor-

Gov. Evers, you’re out of your mind.

The citizens of Wisconsin know how to take care of themselves. We voluntarily live in a state that is buried by snow and ice for half the year. We can choose our own hairstylist, decide which brand of ketchup to buy, and plan a birthday party at a local park, all without your help.

These activities help keep our economy running. They also keep our households running and keep our families together. We could go for a month without doing these things. But now, thanks to you, we have to spend another month on lockdown.

Our cities, counties, and beyond, all rely on the taxes our purchases cultivate. They pay our police and firefighters and other emergency workers; they pay for our street repairs, and they pay your salary!

I understand there have been over 100 deaths from COVID-19 in Milwaukee County. While this is tragic and I pray for those affected, Portage County is a very different place and has had only four reported cases of COVID-19. How on earth can you justify putting counties like ours under the same restrictions as Milwaukee County for another month?

As an American citizen, I am afforded certain inalienable rights under the U.S. Constitution: the right to assemble being among them. You are effectively blocking that right.

We are a strong, hearty people. We can survive another month. Our local businesses cannot.

Roseanne Phile

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