Letter: Evers’ budget benefits big cities, little else

To the Editor-

Wisconsin citizens are morally responsible for the actions of the men and women they elect to represent them in government. Often, the elected throw money at problems because they are unable to find answers or do so for personal gain. It is especially grieving when citizens act like lemmings and commit statewide societal suicide by blindly paying for proposed radical plans.

Gov. Tony Evers, your stunning 2021-2023 budget is a financial confession of partnering with engineering and construction firms to target projects in Madison and Milwaukee with the lion’s share of state tax revenue. Your plan consists of a list of sites with few reasons why structures need to be demolished and rebuilt including a new engineering building for UW-Madison. No doubt AECOM is close by watching as little is earmarked for citizens across the state.

Milwaukee is known as the Harvard School of Prostitution where the nationwide mob sends representatives to be educated. This is a quote from a seminar I attended at St. Anthony’s Retreat Center in Marathon, where the daughter of Herb Kohl’s accountant told us how she became involved with prostitution. Wisconsin has many families suffering from alcoholism, mental illness, a drug crisis, and human trafficking which no amount of cement can heal.

Wisconsin schools fear lawsuits from parents who demand that their children get the best grades, the best parts and positions in extracurricular activities, and the best scores on college entrance exams. These parents can be observed yelling about scores and arguing with officials at athletic games demonstrating a desperate commitment to their children’s future which rests on their high school resumes.

Some parents have earned national acclaim by spending time in prison on education bribery charges. School boards, administrators, and instructors can be bought, eliminate grades in deportment, and dummy down expectations. The other family tier is made of parents who are unable to raise their children due to abuse.

It is my responsibility to inform you that I abhor your 2021-2023 budget for abandoning the citizens of Wisconsin to further glorify the most favored cities of Madison and Milwaukee. Your financial choices clearly mark the path citizens are to follow.

Jean C Edens
Stevens Point

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