Letter: District, police, need to communicate better regarding school threats

To the Editor-

The problem with the threat of school violence is not new to Portage County, or school districts across the nation. But it sure seems to be a lot more frequent today. Sadly, Portage County has seen three threats of violence in the past week! That’s on top of two incidents of serious violence in other parts of the state in the past two weeks!

We need to start having some serious community conversations about how we are raising our children, about what’s acceptable behavior, and about real-world consequences for not meeting a community’s standard.

We also need to talk about social media. It’s quite clear our children are losing themselves in that world of no accountability.

We also need the school district to better communicate about what consequences the guilty students have to face. I have three grandchildren attending school in this district and I want to know what’s being done to protect them. I don’t want to hear “we’re doing everything we can.” I want to hear real-world consequences and specific actions the schools are taking to stop this nonsense.

Having to send students home because of a threat made in a bathroom stall makes me mad as hell!

I want to see more stories in the news about this issue. I want answers from this school district. And I want answers from the police.

Roseanne Phile

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