Letter: Dalton is ‘collaborative’, ‘pragmatic’

To the Editor-

Having grown up and lived in the Stevens Point area all my life, I’ve seen our city council address the issues facing our community with varying degrees of success. Often times the decisions put forth by our council seem to prolong a theme of stagnation.

As a growing city, we need pragmatic, smart, and fresh solutions. That’s why I’m endorsing Polly Dalton for District 9 Alderperson.

Having worked with Ms. Dalton in various contexts, I’ve experienced her style of collaborative decision making and pragmatic implementation. Whether actively marketing her cider business, or carrying out the not so glamorous duties of her farm, Polly will suggest and craft a plan with outside input, refine it, set up successful systems, and follow through with the nitty-gritty work needed to reach the plan’s intended goal. This holistic approach will lend itself well as Ms. Dalton works within the complexities of our city governance.

Dalton also has a comprehensive background that gives her the skills needed to be an effective alderperson. For two years she held the position of alderperson on the Appleton City Council where she played a key role. Dalton also holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, and has experience in policy making including but not limited to work within the Wisconsin Farmer’s Union.

In my opinion, there is one key variable that drives Ms. Dalton: her community. Polly has numerous connections to her neighborhood and city, connections that go beyond vocation, age, or background. She maintains honest ties to many diverse parts of her constituency – the most integral quality of any candidate.

Given her approach, experience, and community connection, I implore you to vote for Polly Dalton for District 9 Alderperson on Tuesday.

Danny Werachowski
Stevens Point

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