Letter: Council members disconnected from citizens on Stanley St. re-stripe

To the Editor-

“‘The public,’ meaning a noisy gang of anti-bicycle complainers who wouldn’t know progress if it bit them in the butt…”

This is what the District 9 Alder Mary McComb thinks of the people that oppose the Stanley St re-striping proposal.


It gets better.

This from District 2 Alder David Shorr: “Couple thoughts…Which side of this debate had conducted itself with greater civility and respect for the other side? (See above comment from District 9 Alder) How does the self-claimed majority stack up with the presidential preferences at the polls in 2016? Hillary Clinton won 58% of votes in Stevens Point compared to 34% for Trump and 8% for other. Did the supposed spokespeople for the majority actually vote the same way as the majority?”

Unless I’m missing something in this comparison I’m not sure why it would matter what the presidential election results were in this debate.

To think that people that may have voted opposite in that election couldn’t agree on this seems odd to me (but that’s my opinion). I couldn’t care less who voted for Clinton or Trump when debating Stanley St.

One final one:
“After the public works departments recent public information meeting presentation, I spoke at Monday’s council meeting about what’s wrong with the department’s recommendations for Stanley St.” (District 2 Alder David Shorr as well.)

What we have learned here is, not only do the alders know what’s best for us on Stanley better than anyone that lives here, but they also know the public works department’s job better that they do.

Not to mention that if you speak out against the alders’ view you are labeled as “noisy” a “complainer” or just “anti-bike”. If we were truly anti-bike wouldn’t we fight to get bikes removed from city streets entirely?

There are two very clear sides to this issue, but one side hasn’t always been exactly truthful. Like saying both past and present public works directors said a “road diet” is the way to go on Stanley when that was never said by either (District 8 Alder Mary Dugan).

Then saying that bike lanes will promote economic growth, all the while bikes are currently riding these very streets at this very time! We have been told a couple different things at to why it’s being pushed (safety, economic growth, and “progress”) but in reality it was originally a “test” road to see of this same proposal might work on Division Street.

I hope the alders listen to to the people here. The money wasted for this could be so much better in repairing some of the horrible roads around our city. Hope everyone has a good day!

Jeremy Niemczyk
Stanley St. resident