Letter: City should redefine ‘stakeholders’ in Bus. 51 planning

To the Editor-

Is it a good idea to redefine “stakeholders” regarding the Highway 51/Division Street corridor debacle? Our fake leaders made the early mistake of excluding the majority from open meetings and now pay the price after the truth is revealed.

Their exclusion continues to cause division and that mixed with surprise is a recipe for the impasse and worse. Again, a veil has been thrown over the truth. This is not a contest of winning or losing.

This is about keeping the truth from citizens to manipulate the few with the intent to benefit those in elected power. This is about finding the truth, preserving law and order, and representing the will of the people.

Mayor Wiza, our focus can not be on a race to the bottom about who had the worst childhood.

That prize rests with Monty Python in a film clip, “Well, my family had to sleep under the newspaper your family threw out in the street.”

Many sorry people with less than perfect backgrounds have risen above their lot to live honorable lives of service to others. However, choosing to remain stuck in an unfortunate background can not be an excuse for making poor decisions involving the future of thousands of neighbors.

AECOM and their elected others have not only lost their way but have driven the city Into the ditches on both sides of the road and now are traveling in reverse down the centerline.

The answer is to table the Highway 51/Division Street mess until saner neighbors prevail after the April 5, 2022 election.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point

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