Letter: City should reconsider scattering ordinance

To the Editor-

We’ve lived in three different homes in Stevens Point over the past 36 years, and each time we’ve had the same problem with shopper guides being left on our lawn.

Every spring, 12-20 or so of these so-called newspapers, tucked in their orange bags, are uncovered with the snow thaw on our property. This year, they’ve choked up our snowblower three times.

We didn’t ask for these shoppers to be delivered, just the opposite. We have regularly called to ask they stop delivering. If I want coupons I know where to find them.

Each time we call we are assured the deliveries will stop. Each time, they stop for a week or two, then they start right back up again, and they’re always delivered in the wee hours of the morning so I never get a chance to run out and flag down the chain-smoking driver with no muffler.

I seem to remember a scattering ordinance being proposed about two years ago. The city would ban these types of deliveries under such an ordinance. I don’t recall why it was not approved but I sincerely hope this issue is revisited because unwanted delivery of this nature is tantamount to littering.

Roseanne Phile
Stevens Point

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