Letter: City should focus on infill over housing

To the Editor-

While our city government officials keep pushing for more and more housing rentals and changes to existing neighborhoods, there are 26 commercial buildings and/or lots in this area for sale.

Some of the commercial properties are already empty, while others may be open for business. There are other buildings for lease that are not included in this count.

Perhaps it would be better to have our city officials spend their time and energy getting these buildings and lots sold to businesses that will pay taxes rather than demand that housing rentals are filled to capacity (more-sardines-in-the-can mentality).

The following list of properties can be found on…https://www.loopnet.com/search/commercial-real-

Cinema $999,999; credit union, $1,750,000; restaurant, $350,000; east side retail bldg., $1,575,000; downtown restaurant, $895,000; commercial lot/eastside, $875,000; commercial lots 8 and 9, $99,000 each; hotel/suites lot, $149,000; building downtown, $449,000; business park lot, $300,000; commercial lot, $796,000; office bldg., $4,400,000; office bldg., $699,000; retail bldg., $549,000; townhouses, $1,650,000; business, $952,000; office bldg., $999,900; properties/river, $875,000; etc.

Disregarding these missed opportunities will not make this town viable and healthy.

Ruth Pfiffner
Stevens Point

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