Letter: Bus. 51 plans can be shut down with April election

To the Editor-

Lesson 1, “Empathize with your enemy. Put yourself in their skin and look through their eyes.” A quote from, “The Fog Of War,” 11 Lessons From the Life of Robert McNamara.

Put yourself in the skin of the present UWSP representatives in our government and look through their eyes at the citizens of Portage County. The residents are prosperous, hard-working, busy raising families, caring for their elderly, sick and disabled, meeting mortgage/rent due dates, fighting the alcohol, drug, and human trafficking culture, hunkering down because of COVID-19, paying taxes, and trusting their elected leaders to be just as busy, hard-working, and dedicated.

Put yourself in the skin of the Portage County residents and look through their eyes at the UWSP representatives in their government. The university has packed the county board and common council with “cronies” creating endless opportunities to manipulate taxpayers for the university’s benefit and hobbling the citizen’s will by lack of diversity.

This abundance of UWSP representatives influences the goals, objectives, and the way money is spent, but more importantly, reveals the staggering power they possess by monopolizing the decision-making process.

McNamara’s 11th Lesson is, “You can’t change human nature.” Greed and the obsession for power are “deadly sins” that can be controlled by voters in a constitutional republic.

The recent leadership results surrounding the Highway 51/Division Street debacle shout to voters, “Shut up, get out of our way, and pay our bills.”

Residents can be represented in the construction appetites of AECOM and their UWSP pals by legislating a cap of 1 million dollars on future road construction and other projects with a referendum. We can balance the background diversity of city/county UWSP representatives by voting out their cabal and voting in butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers on Feb. 15 ad April 4.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point

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