Letter: Beaulieu’s character, dedication, right for city council

To the Editor-

It is with great support that we are writing this letter on behalf of Brian Beaulieu for District 9 Alderperson.

We’ve known Brian for the majority of our lives and know that he would represent the district and its constituents with the utmost respect and empathy while maintaining a strong stance on what matters most to the community.

Brian’s character and dedication to his family and friends speak for themselves. He is hardworking, honest, intelligent and down to earth. He has a very positive outlook on life as well as any problems that arise. Brian is the type of person who will never turn his back on anyone, whether it be a friend or stranger. He is always willing to help others any way he can. He takes great pride in the community where we have been born and raised and wants nothing but the best for the City of Stevens Point.

Brian’s work experience coupled with his education make him an excellent candidate to bring fresh, new ideas to the community while keeping everyone’s best interest in mind. We have seen Brian’s passion to improve the lives of people in his district, as well as the city, and can’t wait to see what he does if elected. We, unfortunately, don’t live in the 9th District, but we would vote for him if we could!

Brian will represent the people with a strong voice and an open mind.

Please vote for Brian Beaulieu for District 9 Alderperson, you won’t be disappointed!

Derek and Stephanie Treichel
Stevens Point