Letter: Beaulieu will be a ‘good voice of the people’

To the Editor-

I am writing this letter in regard to the character of Brian Beaulieu. I have come to know Brian Beaulieu over the past several years and have found him to be a good, honest, intelligent, kind, and hardworking young man. He would be a great choice for the 9th District Alderperson on the Stevens Point City Council.

Brian exhibits several qualities that you would want to see in a community leader. He is a caring and genuine person who holds his immediate family and his vast group of friends in the highest regard. Brian has always been willing to help anyone when asked, usually dropping what he is doing to go assist someone in need.

After coming to know Brian I have found that he believes in working for everything he has and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty always giving 100 percent commitment. He’s shown his commitment to giving 100 percent in his personal life when he took up the challenge to get his physical health back on track, and in his beloved hobby of working on and rebuilding classic cars.

The fact that Brian studied and graduated from Mid-State with a degree in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement shows his willingness to participate in public service. Since Brian Beaulieu has a degree in Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement he will have a better understanding of laws and ordinances than most. This will give him a leg up when it comes to reviewing and formulating new ordinances.

As the former Portage County Clerk of Courts, I can appreciate the willingness of someone stepping up to be a community leader who is familiar with our justice system.

Although I do not live in the 9th District I would vote for him if I could. Brian has always been a great listener and typically gives insightful advice. Brian is very personable and can easily connect with people of all backgrounds because he sees everyone as his equals. He is also someone who stands up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid to tell someone the hard truth. He will be a good voice for the people that he’ll represent on the city council.

In today’s strained political climate I applaud Brian for having the desire to step up and work for you because not many people would have the patience, restraint, and virtue that Brian holds enabling him to take the punches that will inevitably arise and come forward.

Vote for Brian, You can’t go wrong!!

Bernadette Flatoff
Retired Portage County Clerk of Courts


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