Letter: American society is changing, and not for the better

To the Editor-

America has become the land of special interests and the home of double standards.

If I lie to Congress, it’s a felony. If they lie to me it’s politics. Too many are in jail for pot violations yet we license people to sell it.

It’s okay to kill an unborn baby, but wrong to kill a mass murderer. You can have porn on the internet and TV, but can’t put a nativity scene in a public place.

If I dislike a black person I’m prejudiced, but if on dislikes me it’s their First Amendment rights. Parenting is now replaced with Ritalin, video games and cell phones.

If we bring back cursive and analog clocks, we would cripple an entire generation.

We took God out of schools and get angry because guns came in. Then God was replaced by security guards and police.

Social security is now called an entitlement. When I was FORCED to pay into it with every paycheck for over 50 years it was a LOAN TO THE GOVERNMENT.

Police are getting away with breaking laws that we would go to prison for. When the authorities break the law then there is no law.

Nope. Not the America I knew.

Sheree Soblinsk

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