Letter: Alder bios should be written by independent third party

To the Editor-

Alderpersons of Stevens Point are able to use free campaign advertising by posting their pictures and biography on the city website.

Introducing themselves to their district residents may help voters remember them at the ballot box and may encourage prospective property owners to purchase in their districts.

Common Council members of interest are District 1, Marc Christianson: picture and welcome, District 3, Ginger Keymer: picture and welcome, District 6, Jeremy Slowinski: welcome, District 8, Thomas Leek: picture and welcome, District 9, Polly Dalton: picture, and District 10, Keely Fishler: picture and welcome.

It is my opinion that the negligent alderpersons’ pay is suspended until a hired reporter can interview and photograph them for the city website. The reporter’s expenses need to be deducted from each alder’s paycheck before their wages resume to eliminate the use of taxes to amend the common council’s lack of courtesy.

Their smiles and written introductions help all taxpayers get to know, “Who is running the city?”

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point

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