Letter: AFSCME endorses Jacowski for county exec

To the Editor-

AFSCME has endorsed Matt Jacowski for Portage County Executive.

We believe Matt is the best candidate for the position due to his proven leadership and community involvement.
​We believe it is our moral obligation to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens will always have a place in Portage County when they need care, where families and friends can easily visit (which lessens feelings of isolation and promotes a better quality of life), and Matt’s voting record proves he listens to the citizens of Portage County.

We believe Matt is the candidate who will bring about positive culture change in the county work environment and stem the county’s workforce turnover.

Matt is committed to working with stakeholders to reach agreement on groundwater issues and uses and has been involved in this area for some time.

​As a county board supervisor, Matt is familiar with county governance and the issues facing Portage County. As an educator, Matt is familiar with the issues facing families and will work toward solutions that help working families.

He is committed to keeping jobs in Portage County by helping local businesses prosper and attracting businesses that pay family-supporting wages.

Matt is committed to listening to county residents, and to voting for what is right and in the best interest of county residents. He has been an advocate for small businesses, sportsmen, and or vulnerable population.

Please join me in voting for Matt Jacowski for County Executive on February 20!

Mike Uerling
AFSCME Portage County

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