Letter: Abortion is not a statewide issue

To the Editor-

The giving and the taking of a life. In Wisconsin, there are approximately 5,810,000 people, about six million people. In Wisconsin, there are approximately 6,000 abortions a year.

That comes to a percentage of less than .001 percent of Wisconsin residents seeking an abortion. My point is, that while life is something that each American has a right to live their life as they deem fit, I have my own views from being on both sides.

I have two wonderful children that turned my life into a blessing on learning to care for others who depended on me, caring our world because I turn this world over to my children, freedom to live that life, live safely, and to love with a sacrifice I had not known before. I had had an abortion years before they were born. After giving birth to my first child, I understood what I had done.

Now, with the state of the nation and the number of illegal immigrants in our state/nation (take a look at Portage County’s most wanted list, how many homegrown locals?), inflation, and chaos at every level in our great country, I will vote and keep my attention focused on the six million Wisconsinites’ issues that are going to affect ALL of us and not just what is going to affect a very, very small percentage of Wisconsinites. It is not the abortion issue.

I want someone that is more open and able to address Wisconsinite’s concerns and issues regarding our entire state and isn’t just concentrating on abortion issue.

I do want my voice heard when it comes to majority issues that concern our state as a whole and have been listening to the abortion issue for 50 years now. Dead issue, hard to come to a definitive answer on, however, an easy issue to distract voters from real issues like voter integrity, local government integrity, opportunities, safety in our schools, on our city streets and prosperous Wisconsinites and happy cows.

Judith Klussendorf
Stevens Point

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