Letter: 2020 voting audit worth a look

To the Editor-

The Republican Party of Portage County, Wisconsin presents low interest in the cyber audit of election 2020. Is it a good idea to join 46 other counties that are dedicated to the audit?

Andre Jacques, Wisconsin republican senator, supports election transparency in an interview with OAN political correspondent Christina Bobb. He states that the Wisconsin Election Commission is giving questionable and downright unlawful guidance and that we need to restore voter confidence. He also states that in 2020, 100,000 more votes were cast than people casting them which was dismissed as a bookkeeping error and workers being too busy.

Further, in the 2020 election, thousands of people voted but did not pass the “habit check” of verifying correct names, addresses, social security numbers, and driver’s licenses.

In the interview, reporter Bobb adds that in the 2000 election outside people knew where the voting machines were stored and were given access to election IT addresses.

Please support the cyber audit of the 2020 election in Wisconsin. Thank you.

Jean C. Edens
Stevens Point

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