Hull Town Board to discuss local news crisis

By Brandi Makuski

The town board in Hull this week will discuss the crisis in local news reporting.

Chairman John Holdridge said he’s been concerned about a lack of news coverage on the town for quite some time, and its only causing harm to local residents.

“Our great issue, it’s a huge one, in in a representative democracy, is how to keep the people informed—most importantly, how to check on government,” Holdridge said on Monday. “That’s the problem we’ve got.”

Holdridge, who has previous experience serving on the Portage Co. Board of Supervisors and other local bodies, almost jokingly added, “I go back to the time when we had reporters at every meeting.”

Holdridge said he’s disturbed by a Pew report outlining the decline of journalism jobs across the country, but said it’s greatest effect is in smaller communities like Portage Co. It’s something he said the board plans to try to address Monday night.

“We need to communicate in the town of Hull how we’re going to inform our citizens,” he said.

The issue will be discussed at Monday’s town board meeting, which will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Jan. 13 at the town hall, 4550 Wojcik Memorial Dr. The public is welcome to attend.