Facebook page for Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office taken down

Metro Wire Staff

The Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office has been removed from Facebook—at least, temporarily.

The Portage Co. Sheriff’s Office Boosters page, which has been used for the past two years as the department’s means of communicating public safety information, press releases, and most recently, updates on COVID-19, has been “locked” by Facebook for reasons unknown, according to Sheriff Mike Lukas.

Lukas said his office typically only uses the page to communicate public safety information and updates on COVID-19.

The page has several thousand followers, Lukas said. His office is working with Facebook to solve the problem.

Lukas points the public to local news outlets for updates on information and relevant news.

The county’s daily COVID-19 updates can still be found on the Portage County website at https://www.co.portage.wi.us.