Evers to Trump: Listen to farmers, end trade wars

Metro Wire Staff

Gov. Tony Evers this week called on President Donald Trump to listen to farmers and put an end to what he called an “unnecessary trade war” between the United States and international partners like China.

The president’s never-ending tariffs are having a direct, negative impact on many industries in Wisconsin, Evers said, “but perhaps none more than agriculture,” an $88 billion industry in Wisconsin that employs one out of every nine workers in our state.

In his letter, Evers said that when farmers thrive, rural communities thrive, and “the ripple effect continues across our entire state.”

In the letter, Evers writes, “One Tweet can harm thousands of Wisconsin citizens who make their living in our agricultural industry. As many farmers will tell you, aid payments cannot make up for what they’ve lost financially or personally. A government check simply does not make up for the pride they felt knowing they were getting a fair price for their high-quality corn, soybeans, or ginseng.”

Evers said he is focused on maintaining Wisconsin’s successful relationships abroad and investing in programs that help producers in the state gain access to global markets and improve their presence in local ones.

“Farmers want trade more than government aid,” Evers wrote. “They deserve better than short-sighted trade wars that do lasting damage to their businesses and their heritage. They have told us what we can do to support them, and tariffs are not on the list.”

Read the full letter here.