Evers’ order on restricting gatherings blocked by judge

By Patrick Lynn

A Sawyer Co. judge on Wednesday blocked Gov. Tony Evers’ order limiting the size of indoor gatherings, the result, at least temporarily, of a lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Tavern League. 

The lawsuit referred to Evers’ Executive Order #3, which limited indoor gatherings to 25 percent of a building’s capacity but with numerous exemptions for religious, political, and education settings, as a “de facto closure” for bars and restaurants.  

“Restaurants, taverns, bars, and supper clubs did not cause this pandemic, but they are systematically facing bankruptcy, closure, and economic ruin,” said Tavern League President Chris Marsicano.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Sawyer Co., argues the Emergency Order was “invalid and unenforceable because it was not promulgated as an administrative rule as required by the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling just five months ago in Wisconsin Legislature v Palm.

Judge John Yackel agreed, blocking the order and setting another hearing date for Monday. 

This story will be updated