DNR Investigating fish kill In Isabelle Creek

Metro Wire Staff

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is assisting with the investigation of a fish kill.

DNR staff observed dead fish in Isabelle Creek flowing south along County Road C in Ellsworth, Wis.

So far, DNR staff have observed over 600 dead trout and a variety of dead forage fish species in Isabelle Creek. DNR staff has been onsite several times since Aug. 17.

Located in Piece Co., about 15 minutes east of Red Wing, Minn., Isabelle Creek is one of Lake Pepin’s tributaries that enters the Mississippi River at Bay City.

The creek has been endangered due to severe erosion and poor stream management until the 1990s when the DNR helped implement better practices. In 2017, the DNR declared that “overall conditions appear to be improving” in the stream.

The investigation is ongoing. No further details are available currently. The DNR will share additional information as it becomes available.