Dalton posits Wisconsin’s future in column

By Patrick Lynn

Councilwoman Polly Dalton said in the next decade, she hopes Wisconsin experiences “more collaboration” at all levels of the community.

Dalton, 28, was one of eight “emerging leaders” interviewed for the recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story, “What should happen in Wisconsin in the next decade? Eight emerging leaders answer that question.” published on Jan. 3.

For the story, eight individuals were asked, “What do you hope Wisconsin accomplishes in the next 10 years?” Answers focused on embracing diversity, school choice and increased safety, correcting social injustices, and more support for immigrants.

Dalton said she sees Wisconsin 2030 as “a society where its residents own their homes, food sources, workplaces, and basic utilities.”

Dalton said reaching that ideal will take time, adding, “It will require an exponential increase in public participation and restoration of our own democratic faith.”

Residents in 2030 will see each other as creative assets, she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and “collective confidence will abound because one feels his or her contributions are valued,” she said.

She also predicts a heavy uptick in the success of local financial institutions, “where participation gives you a vote in how profits made from your deposits are administered,” and spoke of collective workplace ownership, saying, “You enjoy the daily bustle of your workplace because you and your colleagues have a say in how it is managed.”

Residents in Wisconsin 2030, she said, will also be “free from want of healthful food and water because you have a share of a few (of the many) farms that provide your diet.”

Others interviewed for the story included political activists, students, and employees from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

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