County postpones next week’s mask meeting

Metro Wire Staff

Portage Co. Board Chairman Al Haga announced on Friday announced next week’s Committee of the Whole meeting has been postponed.

The meeting was Haga’s answer to a heated debate over a mask ordinance proposed by District 1 Supervisor Vincent Miresse. The Committee of the Whole was intended to be an education forum for county board members and the public on the potential of a mask advisory across Portage Co. Several area experts were invited to give a brief presentation during the Aug. 5 meeting.

According to an email from County Clerk Kayla Filen, the meeting was postponed “in light of Emergency Order #1 requiring face coverings issued by Governor Evers on July 30.”

A further comment was expected from Haga and Portage County Executive Chris Holman on Friday afternoon, but Haga said on Friday night the county would not be releasing any additional information.