County: emergency evacuations available for stranded residents

By Brandi Makuski

Portage Co. officials are asking the public to check on their neighbors, and if someone needs assistance, to call for help.

The Portage Co. Emergency Management Office on Monday said they’re in the process of attempting to find homeowners, especially in rural areas, still without power or heat.

So far, no evacuations have been needed, according to James Williams, deputy emergency management coordinator.

“The southern areas of the county got hit pretty hard, and I’m actually calling those towns in southern Portage Co., like Pine Grove, and reaching out to the town managers,” Williams said on Monday. “So far, nobody’s heard of anything emergent yet. We’re just asking people to give us a call if they need help.”

Sheriff Mike Lukas on Monday morning said his office was preparing the department’s armored vehicle, which is typically used for live-shooter or hostage situations, which is capable of traversing many of the county’s impassable roads and reach those needing help.

Anyone needing help should contact the Portage County Sheriff’s Office at (715) 346-1400.