County announces chip-sealing schedule

Metro Wire Staff

The Portage Co. Highway Department will begin its annual chip-sealing on July 13.

Approximately 47 miles of county roadways will be chip-sealed, according to a news release from the highway department. It’s part of the county’s annual road maintenance and preservation program which helps prevent the rapid deterioration of asphalt due to oxidation. Following a cure time, excess aggregate is swept off the road.

The following roadways are scheduled:

  • CTH HH (Locust Street to Olympia Street)
  • CTH J (STH 66 to USH 10)
  • CTH A (STH 66 to CTH I)
  • CTH I (Hillside Road to Collins Lake Road)
  • CTH Z (CTH A to Waupaca County Line)
  • CTH ZZ (STH 161 to CTH Z)
  • CTH SS (STH 161 to CTH Q)
  • CTH QQ (USH 10 to Rolling Hills Road)
  • CTH A (STH 54 to CTH KK)
  • CTH N (CTH BB to CTH A)
  • CTH GG (CTH EE to CTH A)
  • CTH J (STH 54 to Church Road)

Motorists should seek alternate routes whenever possible, as maintenance areas will be posted as “Closed to Through Traffic” during the chip-sealing. Any motorists using the roadways will be required to reduce their speed.

“Loose aggregate usually stays on the road after the initial rolling and can be picked up by tires of fast-moving vehicles and sprayed against workers and vehicles,” the news release said. “High-speed traffic over a fresh treatment that has not fully cured can displace the embedded aggregate as well and produce a slick surface.”

During the application process, traffic will be controlled by flaggers. Motorists will need to drive slowly and exercise heightened awareness.

A complete list and map of the county trunk highways to be chip sealed can be found on the highway department’s website at

Completion of the chip-sealing is dependant on weather, according to the department.

The highway department can be reached at 715.345.5230 or