Column: Where Have All the Supper Clubs Gone?

By Mark J. Colrud

Stevens Point is a wonderful place to live, work, eat….yes, I said eat.

We all have fond memories of many things in our lives and one of them is usually a place that had great food. I’m originally from Point but now make my home in the Fox Cities in a berg called Little Chute. I try to return to the Point area every chance I can and while there I enjoy a good meal from one of the local eateries.

The past year or two was difficult for me with the closing of Mickey’s and Bernard’s Supper Club, and not to forget the Hot Fish Shop as well. Why are they closed? Why are these great institutions losing favor with our younger generations?

Have places like Mc Donald’s, Hardee’s, Culver’s and the like really taken over as our choice of where to have a great meal? I really hope that the younger folks take time out from their high speed agendas and visit one of your local area Supper Clubs for a rare treat before all of them are gone. No drive-up windows at these establishments…you will actually need to exit your vehicle and come inside.

My wife and I have every Saturday as our so called “Date Night” and travel to a supper club somewhere within a hour’s drive of home. We have found some truly fantastic places and some of the finest food a person can find. We recently dined in a reputed haunted supper club and a few that were frequented by Mobsters. Most of these Bistro’s have a attached bar or lounge and if you care for a pre-dinner Old Fashion, beer or glass of wine it’s there for your service.

My advice for everyone is to slow down and take one night to be with a good friend or loved one and have dinner at a Supper Club.

These establishments are not just for the older crowd, but for everyone who loves great food and a fun evening out.

Bon app├ętit!

*Colrud can be reached at [email protected].