Column: Introducing The Lost Grape

Another exciting creative business has arrived in Portage County, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them.

The Lost Grape takes participants on historical journeys through the medium of wine tasting. These unique experiences connect the wine you will drink to the cultures and histories that produced it.

CREATE is partnering with The Lost Grape to kick off the first of their parties on Aug. 15: I Demand Satisfaction!, which will pair the Declaration of Independence with the wine used to toast its signing.

This is a special event open exclusively to Friends of CREATE. We are excited to provide this first-ever access to the supporters that make it possible for us in turn to support creative people and innovative ventures in Portage County.

Only 24 seats are available to this inaugural tasting, and tickets will close at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 14 so that arrangements for the event can be made.

If you are not yet a Friend of CREATE or haven’t made your 2019 contribution, join us in making creativity central to our community and economy.

In addition to supporting the more than 50 businesses launched or grown through the IDEA Center, your support becomes public art, free live music, indie film screenings, and thousands of connections that build the community we love here.

Contributions made by July 31 will receive an invitation to our annual Friends of CREATE celebration.

Greg Wright is the executive director for CREATE Portage County.