Public Works Director Scott Beduhn (left) in his office with Mayor Mike Wiza on Aug. 7. (Metro Wire photo)

City in works to bring Charter, AT&T competitor to town

By Brandi Makuski

Mayor Mike Wiza says the city has entered into talks with TDS Telecom for a new citywide fiber-optic service that could offer heavy competition for local cable, high-speed internet, and phone providers.

Wiza met privately with Public Works Director Scott Beduhn and Joel Lemke, public utilities director, to discuss the city’s position on Tuesday. Additional details would be presented to the city council members during the city’s public works committee meeting on Monday, he said.

TDS Telecom is a Madison-based telecommunications company employing about 3,000 people. It is currently the seventh-largest local exchange carrier in the country, according to istockanalyst.com, offering residential and business services.

“We haven’t gotten into too many details yet,” Wiza said, but added at least some of the fiber-optics would be buried, with some above ground.

The item will be discussed in closed session on Monday.

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