Police & Fire

Kelly Zagrzebski from WPS community relations and Fire Chief Mark Deaver examine the department's new helmets on Oct. 18. Black helmets signify a firefighter, red indicates a captain, and lieutenants wear yellow. Chief officers wear white helmets. (Metro Wire photo)

Plover firefighters welcome new gear, thanks to WPS grant

By Brandi Makuski The Plover Fire Department now has 10 new fire helmets, thanks in part to a $2,000 grant award from the Wisconsin Public Service Foundation. The

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SPPD Assistant Chief Mike Rottier and Chief Bob Kussow grill brats for a Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) training event that SPPD was hosting on Sept. 26, as Officer Mike Schultz (right) set up a fan to keep smoke from the grill out of the building. (Metro Wire photo)

Police & Sheriff calls, Oct. 6-8

Oct. 6 Plateless: Police cited a 26-year-old woman for not having license plates on her black Chevy Tahoe as she traveled near Fourth Ave. and Michigan Ave. at

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