Sex offender ‘won’t be released’ unless he accepts housing

By Brandi Makuski

The Stevens Point Police Department says a convicted sex offender has chosen to be homeless upon his release from prison on July 5.

Cody J. Patterson, 28, was convicted in 2014 of having sexual intercourse with a then-13-year-old girl in 2010 after he invited the girl, and her friend, to his neighbor’s garage and provided them with marijuana that may have contained a “date rape” drug.

Patterson also had sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old in 2012 and had her text him nude photos of herself, police say.

While incarnated for those crimes, Patterson corresponded with the 15-year-old in 2014, sending her sexually graphic letters.

He was also convicted in 2017 for using a different name as a sex offender, which is a Class H felony.

According to a news release from SPPD on June 28, Patterson initially “rejected” the housing offered to him by the Dept. of Corrections, choosing instead to be homeless in Stevens Point.

Lt. Joe Johnson from SPPD said Patterson had the right to refuse the housing because he’ll be monitored by GPS.

On July 1, Johnson said that decision has been reversed.

“After discussions with local and regional members of Probation and Parole, as well as discussions with local and regional politicians, there has been a change to [his] release,” Johnson said Friday morning.

“Patterson will not have the option to be homeless upon his release. Part of his Standard Sex Offender rules will be that he has to reside at 1504 Water St.”

If he refuses this placement, he will not be released, Johnson said.

The home at 1504 Water St. is a state-operated residence for recently-released sex offenders. The house operates under several rules, and residents there aren’t permitted visitors, cell phones, or internet, along with several other restrictions.

Patterson will be placed under supervision by the DOC, and monitored by Probation agents with the Division of Community Corrections, in Portage County. He is also subject to lifetime GPS monitoring.

Under the conditions of his release, Patterson cannot have any unsupervised contact with minors, no contact with the victims, and cannot consume any drugs. He is also required to have in-person contact with law enforcement and obey all the requirements of being a lifetime registrant of the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.