Aug. 9 primary election results

The Metro Wire will be providing election results for contested local races on the Aug. 9 primary ballot throughout the night.

Results as of 1:22 a.m. with all 42 precincts reporting


Lieutenant Governor

Peng Her 1917
Sara Rodriguez 5877
Angela Kennedy 0

Secretary of State

Doug La Follette 5655
Alexia Sabor 2554

State Treasurer

Aaron Richardson 3135
Angelito Tenorio 1775
Gillian M. Battino 2436


U.S. Senate

Mandela Barnes 6336
Alex Lasry 992
Kou C. Lee 110
Sarah Godlewski 805
Peter Peckarsky 75
Steven Olikara 77
Darrell Williams 67
Tom Nelson 221

Representative in Congress, District 3

Rebecca Cooke 3140
Mark Neumann 1319
Deb Baldus McGrath 1562
Brad Pfaff 2242

Portage County Sheriff

Mike Lukas 5680
Florian Chojnacki, Jr. 3183



Kevin Nicholson 380
Rebecca Kleefisch 4047
Timothy Ramthun 677
Adam J. Fischer 93
Tim Michels 3214

Lieutenant Governor

Patrick Testin 5680
Will Martin 254
Kyle Yudes 286
Roger Roth 585
David C. Varnam 141
Cindy Werner 356
David D. King 135
Jonathan Wichmann 483

Attorney General

Eric Toney 2617
Karen Mueller 2081
Adam Jarchow 2218

Secretary of State

Amy Lynn Loudenbeck 2808
Jay Schroeder 2326
Justin D. Schmidtka 1087


U.S. Senator

Ron Johnson 6993
David Schroeder 1149

71st Assembly

Robert Glisczinski 1639
Scott Soik 4334

Stevens Point Referendum

Shall the City of Stevens Point adopt the following ordinance: Prior to the start of any physical construction of any municipally financed (in whole or in part) public roadway or transportation project requiring a city capital expenditure of $1,000,000.00 or more, the common council shall submit to the electorate a binding referendum for approval of the project. Failure of the binding referendum shall preclude the city from proceeding with the project. The wording of any referendum shall provide the specific purpose, location, and cost of the project. Nothing in this provision shall be construed to preclude the city from exercising its role in the planning or design of such publicly financed projects.

Yes 2757
No 2726