Area students participate in conservation awareness poster, speaking contests

Metro Wire Staff

Students from across Portage Co. participated in the annual K-12 Conservation Awareness Poster Contest.

The 2021 contest theme was “Healthy Forests=Healthy Communities.”  

The following students were awarded:

Primary Division – Grades K-1
1st place – Kamden Freund; 2nd place – Eleanor Gottwald; 3rd place –Madelyn Gould

Elementary Division – Grades 2-3
1st place – Preston Christianson; 2nd place – Olivia W.; 3rd place – Sydney W.

Middle Division – Grades 4-6
1st place – Piper Christianson; 2nd – Ciara Waltenberg; 3rd – Zoe Anderson

Junior Division – Grades 7-9
1st place – Kaelynn Kazda; 2nd place – Ayden Kazda

Senior Division – Grades 10-12
1st place – Samantha Carlson; 2nd place – Annika Waltenberg

First place winners advanced to the area contest held virtually in Forest County on January 27. All five Portage County entries placed first and advanced to the virtual state contest March 2-5. Kamden Freund placed first and advanced to the National Contest in February 2022. Preston Christianson placed second.   

The Conservation Speaking Contest is open to students in grades 5 through 12 in three divisions:  Elementary – Grades 5-6, Junior – Grades 7-8, and Senior – Grades 9-12.  Speakers research topics promoting the conservation of natural resources and the protection or enhancement of environmental quality. 

Taking first place in the Elementary Division was Ciara Waltenberg with her speech “It’s a Mystery”.  Annika Waltenberg placed first in the Senior Division with her speech “Invasive, Evil, Delicious.” Ciara placed second and Annika placed first at the virtual Area contest in Forest County on January 27. Annika advanced to the virtual State contest on March 2, placing third. 

Sponsors of the contests are:  Local – Portage County Land and Water Conservation; Area – North Central Land and Water Conservation Association; State –WI Land+Water Conservation Association; and National –National Association of Conservation Districts. 

For more information on the contests, contact Patty Benedict, [email protected] or visit the Youth and Community Events webpage – http://www.co.portage.wi.us/department/planning-zoning/land-and-water-conservation/youth-and-community-events.    

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