Letter: Why won’t city officials answer questions?

To the Editor-

On December 11, 2020, I submitted a questionnaire to city government officials, as well as all common council members. There are eight easy questions, with only a yes or no answer.

The questions were directed at items important to city property owners throughout the city, not just those on Bus. 51 (Church St. and Division St.).

I requested that the questionnaire be returned to me and that I would gladly share the answers with anyone who asked.

As it happens, not one individual from the city government or city council has returned the questionnaire to me as of this writing (Jan. 1).

Now I know that there are caring, intelligent individuals that represent us, yet not one was willing, or able, to give me an answer to my compelling questions. “Do you own a house in Stevens Point?” is particularly important as the costs to rebuild Bus. 51 will be on the backs of the property owners THROUGHOUT the city. “No grants are available” (words from a council member).

Any work done will be costly to all of us. The city has been having meetings involving only the property owners on Bus. 51. It seems as if the city is unable to tell us what will happen to our property taxes. “It will be great” (words from a council member). Please contact your district council member or city government officials with your opinions. The questionnaire follows.

  • Are you a homeowner in the city of Stevens Point?
  • Do you agree that the taxpayers should be burdened with millions of dollars in property taxes to “redo” Business 51?
  • Do you live on Division St. or within a block east or west of Division St.?
  • Do you agree with putting roundabouts along Bus. 51. despite the fact that the main fire department/ambulance service complex is on Division St.?
  • Do you agree that there should be a median placed on Division St. and that residents along the corridor will lose what little front yard that they currently own?
  • Do you agree that fire dept., police dept., and ambulances should be challenged to reach a home or occupant quickly when roundabouts on Division St. (a main corridor) undoubtedly will extend their arrival time?
  • Are you aware that stoplights can be equipped with pedestrian crossing lights, left turn lights, and all the lights can be manipulated electronically by emergency vehicles, thus proving roundabouts and medians unnecessary and extremely costly?
  • Are you willing to perpetuate financial hardship on the residents of Stevens Point with your vote/decision-making despite the fact that globally, regionally, and locally, many people are without jobs, or do not have the financial ability to take on HUGE increases in property tax (a number that no one seems to want to divulge)?

Ruth Pfiffner
Stevens Point

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